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Online Admissions Module

For any university to run and earn money out of its endeavours it has to have a simple yet secure and efficient admissions process before any registration and the associated billing can be done. Benchmarking against international best practices in admissions, HEIMS’ admissions module, which is one of the core modules of the system, ensures that:-

• Applicants can submit their application forms from anywhere at any time where there is internet

• Applicants can track their application from the application date until the selection process

• The module provides feedback to applicants whenever the application form moves from one stage to the next through email and sms infrastructures built in the module

Manage the entire student lifecycle

• Admissions
• Registrations
• Student records
• Student Billing management
• Course delivery, and development
• Events and scheduling
• Teaching and Examinations
• Timetable automation



24/7 access to information services for:

• Online Application;
• Online Registration;
• Online Fee Payment

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