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Keep everyone connected with online, mobile, and social access to your school!
Today’s students are on the move and looking for schools that give them the convenience of online and mobile applications that can keep up with technological trends. HEIMS delivers with portal, mobile, and social media solutions that keep users engaged with your institution throughout the enrollment life cycle. We understand the importance of offering a secure, reliable experience for our community of users. We never stop innovating to provide you with simple, user-friendly interfaces for reliable data access on campus, on the road, and wherever your students and staff might want to connect. Users want more access and HEIMS helps you give it to them, quickly, easily, and in compliance with industry standards and requirements for secure data sharing Campus Portal Our campus portal for higher education makes it easy for you to give your school community the information they need when they need it, from any location, while safeguarding confidential information The most advanced Internet portal for higher education.

Give your constituents anytime, anywhere access to a wealth of school information that keeps them fully informed throughout their educational life cycle. An advanced Internet portal for higher education that provides everyone with easy-to-use, Web-based tools for accessing administrative data, interacting with your institution, and communicating with one another. It’s the most powerful portal solution available to keep the ties to your school strong and vital.
Reduce phone calls and paperwork while keeping staff and students more connected. The portal lets users help themselves to the campus information they need when they need it.

How the portal benefits your constituents:
• Prospective students connect with your campus community
• Students access their own information
• Faculty connect with students and courses
• Staff maximize operational efficiency
• Campus decision makers access key data

HEIMS Mobile

Give Constituents On-the-Go Access to Your Institution!
Give your student community mobile access to the information they need to stay on top of information, events, and deadlines. HEIMS Mobile brings the student-focused technology of e-learning to the convenient mobile environment today’s students prefer, enabling easy access via smart phones and other mobile devices.

Manage the entire student lifecycle

• Admissions
• Registrations
• Student records
• Student Billing management
• Course delivery, and development
• Events and scheduling
• Teaching and Examinations
• Timetable automation



24/7 access to information services for:

• Online Application;
• Online Registration;
• Online Fee Payment

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